Dinner and a Murder

Dinner and a Murder

Dinner and a Murder
Who Did It?


Dinner and a Murder
Events where all of your guests can play a role, check out our dinner and a murder special.







Dinner and a Murder

Here is a clue. If Mr. Valentino was married to Cara for 5 years and their beautiful baby girl Janessa will be 5 in just a few days; would that all add up? It may; if Valentino and Cara were together before they got married. It did not quite happen that way. Valentino and Cara met in the 1950’s at a Casino in the heart of Las Vegas Nevada. After throwing back cocktails and hitting it big at the roulette table, the twos decided they were in love. Just like that, Valentino and Cara were married. It wasn’t until 2 weeks after the Elvis church wedding that Cara was becoming ill. Every morning she was nauseous, and throughout the day could hold nothing down. Valentino, not knowing any better believed that whatever happened that magical night of their union was destined; hence the new wife, baby, and his new life. What happens next..you will have to figure that out. Cara is found shortly after Valentino “wakes up”, the morning after Janessa. It appears she was bludgeoned in her sleep. The components of this event are adding up and leading to one person; who will it be? Mr. Valentino, Someone from his family (As they were NOTORIOUS in Vegas during the 50’s), a scorned or jealous part time lover? The possibilities and reasonings are endless. It is up to you and your guest to figure out, who did it and how come?





Choose your preferred theme:

  • Choose a time period, era, or specific genre for your event.
  • Take time to decide on how many guests you would like to include. Each attendee will have a role in your murder mystery.
  • We never do the same thing twice. So, be assured, your event will have an original story, with original characters. All of which will be created by Catch-A-Clue staff.
  • Our guarantee, there will never be two like stories.
  • Dress to impress, each character has a role and we want to see everyone transform into their new persona.
  • Take a look to see what additional services can be added to your event.


A night of crime, questions, and thrill. It is our promise to create an event that will out shine any other. So grab your pearls, corsets, or wranglers; cause we are gonna catch us a murderer.

Compliments of worldartsme
Compliments of worldartsme.com

If you are unsure of what type of theme you would like, do not worry, our amazing coordinators will help you pick out the perfect title.   Catch-A-Clue is here to provide you with ideal services from start to finish. Not only will we create an amazing storyline, plot, and character list for each of your guests. We will assure all guests are informed of their character’s role, as well as their transformation into character. A few pre-event activities will have everyone feeling the spirit of your chosen genre. All of which will make for a nail-biting event. Please do not forget to inquire about our personalized design features to compliment your theme; whether you would like catering services or ideas of where to purchase theme related attire? Our goal is to satisfy you and your guest. Get ready for a WOW moment!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have (520)339-1864.

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