Birthday Bashes

Birthdays are always a special occasion. Celebrating the birth of an individual is the perfect time to bring family, friends, and those we care about together. Whether it is a first birthday celebration or a 60th birthday; Catch-A-Clue Event and Program Coordinators will coordinate the perfect event to celebrate monumental milestones. Our coordinators assist in designing an affair that meets all of your needs; whether it be simplistic or extravagant, we assure that you and your guests will have the time of your lives.

Event Decor
Original Décor Options for Your Special Occasion


Catch-A-Clue coordinators have fallen in love with the genuine glow and joy seen on children’s faces when they arrive at their stupendous birthday bash. It truly melts our hearts to know that we can bring a smile to our star of the day and their attendees. WHY ARE OUR GUEST SO SHOCKED WHEN THEY  ARRIVE? Because our coordinators take the time to meticulously understand what our guest have envisioned for their party; while going above and beyond to really learn about our guest of honor. We want to know your child’s favorite colors, favorite activities, who they admire and look up to, what they like about school, their favorite character, and so much more. IS THIS KNNOWLEDGE NECESSARY TO PLAN A CHILD’S BIRTHDAY BASH? Absolutely! We want to discover all the small things that make our guest unique. It assists us in designing activities, crafts, and special moments for their very special event. And, this is where all the fun comes in.


Children are so unique. They have their own sense of style, they know what they like to do (whether it be sports, painting, singing, or dancing). So exceptional are children that they can tell you down to a T, what they expect for their parties, what activities they want to participate in, and a specific theme they would enjoy. Once our coordinators put together all the pieces needed to design the upcoming event we spring right into action.


Our birthday packages truly have lots to offer. With some of the best designers and coordinators around, our team will customize décor for this special occasion; we will put together amazing activities for our guest and their attendees, most importantly, we will send your precious home with something spectacular to remember their special day.


Event Decor
Perfectly created for themed events
Event decor
Beautiful hand crafted décor.



Our coordinators will put together an array of activities to keep all your guest entertained and having a blast throughout the entire event. And, the best part of it all…OUR STAFF HOSTS ALL OF THE ACTIVITIES SO YOU CAN ENJOY THE DAY WITH YOUR LITTLE ONE!

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